Table 2

Proportion of colonic contents passed and intracolonic movement of contents associated with bowel actions

Parameter Controls Patients p Value3-150
Stool output23 (13–87)23 (9–33)0.46
Proportional decrease (right colon)13 (10–23)24 (4–41)1.0
Proportional decrease (left colon)53 (18–83)26 (7–46)0.20
Decrease in content (right colon)6 (5–8)6 (2–22)1.0
Decrease in content (left colon)25 (6–51)13 (3–33)0.29
  • Results are expressed as median (range).

  • Stool output, percentage of original total radioisotope mass passed with each bowel action.

  • Proportional decrease, decrease in each colonic region occurring with defaecation, expressed as a proportion of the pre-defaecation count in that region.

  • Decrease in content, decreases in the count in the right and left colon after defaecation, taking the original total colonic content as 100%.

  • 3-150 Mann–Whitney U test.