Table 5

Determinants of referral (multivariate analysis). All patients (n=195)

Determinant β regression coefficient Standard error p Value
Age (years)−0.00140.01730.934
Sex (male=0; female=1)0.75100.48060.118
Intensity of abdominal pain (1–5)−0.00510.24960.983
Severity score (0–9)0.56720.14720.000
Number of additional complaints0.28620.12170.018
Number of visits to GP in previous 3 months0.19950.16170.217
“Intestinal” attribution (1–5)0.40930.25190.104
“Stress” attribution (1-5)−0.97680.22980.000
  • Dependent variable coded as primary care=0; outpatient=1.

  • Variables are adjusted for all other variables mentioned in this table.