Table 2

 Lamina propria cell counts in duodenal biopsy specimens

Controls (n=7) Diarrhoea (n=56) p Value
Cell count (total)233  (144–299)285  (173–443)0.07
Lymphocytes105 (23–186)124 (38–307)0.55
Plasma cells106 (71–141)147 (40–317)0.11
Eosinophils21 (11–31)15 (0–83)0.05
  • Mean total and differential cell counts in that area of lamina propria defined by 300 μm muscularis mucosae in biopsy specimens from 56 patients with HIV related diarrhoea and from seven controls (HIV status unknown). The Kruskal-Wallis non-parametric test was used to calculate the p values.