Table 4

 Relation of mucosal morphology to measures of nutritional status and to sTNF-R55 concentration (univariate analysis) in 56 patients with HIV related diarrhoea

Nutritional measure r 95% CI
Villous height
 MUAC0.300.04, 0.52
 SFT0.380.09, 0.60
Mucosal thickness
 BMI0.400.15, 0.60
 MUAC0.400.15, 0.60
 SFT0.370.08, 0.59
Crypt depth
 BMI0.300.05, 0.52
  • Linear correlation coefficients for nutritional parameters and sTNF-R55 concentration in univariate analysis of VH, CD and TMT.r is shown, together with 95% confidence intervals (CI). NS indicates that the 95% confidence intervals include zero.