Table 1

 Indications for ERCP

Indication No. of examinations No. of elevated trypsinogen 2 values before ERCP No. of elevated trypsin 2-AAT values before ERCP
Suspicion of common bile duct stones1142732
Pancreaticobiliary tumour/stent placement602625
Obstructive jaundice3197
Chronic pancreatitis291012
Chronic abdominal pain2112
History of acute pancreatitis1376
Pancreatic pseudocyst1158
Common bile duct obstruction/stricture91
Pancreatic fistula513
Dysfunction of sphincter of Oddi311
Biliary fistula211
  • Upper reference limit for trypsinogen 2 is 90 μg/l and for trypsin 2-AAT is 12 μg/l.