Table 2

 Technical factors of ERCP and the risk for postprocedural pancreatitis

Pancreatitisp Value
Duration of ERCP (min)33260.0273-150
Endoscopic papillotomy (EP)
 EP to pancreatic duct4110.0423-150
Mean total volume of dye injected (ml)
 Into CBD37350.42
 Into pancreatic duct4.56.50.97
Mean total number of injections
 Into CBD4.04.50.27
 Into pancreatic duct2.02.20.70
Contrast medium concentration
 Omnipaque 140 mg/ml251950.083
 Omnipaque 240 mg/ml453.0.62
Extraction of calculi4350.77
Stent placement and EP10440.0123-150
Common bile duct dilatation150.45
Diagnostic procedure2490.19
Total no. of patients31277
  • 3-150 Significance difference, tested with Fisher’s exact test or with the Mann-Whitney U test.