Table 1

 Results of cholesteryl-[1-13C] octanoate breath test before and during pancreatic enzyme supplementation in three patients with severe pancreatic exocrine insufficiency

PatientDiagnosisBefore pancreatin supplementationDuring pancreatin supplementation
Faecal fat (g/24h)Cumulative 6h 13CO2recovery (%)Faecal fat1-150(g/24h)Cumulative 6h 13CO2recovery1-151 (%)
SSCystic fibrosis30.10.616.56.5
IGChronic pancreatitis27.00.514.427.8
PFChronic pancreatitis22.60.111.321.5
  • 1-150 Faecal fat balance of the last three of seven days of treatment with 125 000 U of lipase/day (Kreon, five capsules). Upper normal limit=6 g/24 h.

  • 1-151 13CO2 excretion after the test meal with 75 000 U of lipase (Kreon, one capsule at the beginning, during, and at the end of the meal). Lower normal limit=15.2%.