Table 1

Details of patients given antituberculous treatment for up to 2 years and followed for 5 years from entry to the study

Months from entry to study
No of patients (active/placebo)52/5749/5138/50
Disease extent (active/placebo)
 Small bowel16/1915/1810/17
 Large bowel14/1414/1411/11
Number of acute relapses (active/placebo)29/3519/2210/26
Surgery (active/placebo)1-150 10/115/73/9
 Right hemicolectomy0/20/11/0
 Partial colectomy1/31/00/0
 Total colectomy0/11/10/1
 Small bowel0/00/01/2
Admission (active/placebo)12/1510/96/6
Total disease activity (active/placebo)1-151 5/43/55/4
Blood results (active/placebo)
 Haemoglobin (g/dl)13/1213/1313/13
 White cell count (×109/l)8/88/89/9
 Platelet count (×109/l)291/302291/329290/330
 Albumin (g/l)43/4444/4441/42
  • 1-150 A number of patients had two surgical procedures, thus in some cases the numbers are greater than the total number of patients who underwent surgery.

  • 1-151 Disease activity score is based on a modification of the Harvey-Bradshaw Index7 with a maximum total score of 17 plus the number of motions/24 h.