Table 2

Measurement of IL-1 protein in HIMEC cultures before and after cytokine stimulation

ProductionNoneIL-1β (100 U/ml)TNF-α (100 U/ml)
6 h24 h6 h24 h
Bioactive IL-1
Exp 1 SNNegativeNDND0.5 U/ml0.5 U/ml
Exp 1 CLNegativeNDND2 U/ml1 U/ml
Exp 2 SNNegativeNDNDNegative0.5 U/ml
Exp 2 CLNegativeNDND1 U/ml1 U/ml
Exp 3 SNNegativeNDNDNegativeNegative
Exp 3 CLNegativeNDND15 U/ml30 U/ml
Immunoreactive IL-1α
Exp 2 CLNegative15 pg/ml10 pg/ml8 pg/ml8 pg/ml
Exp 3 SNNegativeNDNDNegativeNegative
Exp 3 CLNegativeNDND14 pg/ml30 pg/ml
  • SN, supernatant; CL, cell lysate; ND, not determined.