Table 2

Genotypes of NAT in intestinal samples

SampleNAT1PABA activity (nmol/min/mg protein)NAT2SMZ activity (nmol/min/mg protein)
A (11/5)1*4, 1*46.1 (0.2)2*4, 2*5BFS0.85 (0.01)
B (18/5)1*4, 1*142.1 (0.1)2*4, 2*4FF1.18 (0.03)
C (22/3)1*4, 1*46.9 (0.3)2*5B, 2*6ASS0.22 (0.02)
D (24/3)1*4, 1*47.5 (0.1)2*5B, 2*5BSS0.23 (0.01)
  • The names of alleles are as described in Vatsis et al.10 The phenotype of NAT2 has been determined from the genotype and is shown to indicate fast alleles as ā€˜Fā€™ and slow alleles as ā€˜Sā€™. Activities with sulphamethazine (SMZ) orp-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) are the values for the most proximal section of intestine in each case and are the mean (SD) of four individual estimations.