Table 2

Psychosocial predictors of the number of FGID syndromes: the regression model of best fit

Psychosocial predictors Regression coefficient (SE)
 Trait anger reactivity0.21 (0.023)
 Neuroticism (stress proneness)0.19 (0.027)
Coping style
 Frequent use of (mature) coping strategies0.18 (0.006)
Life stressors
 Chronic (social stress) threat0.16 (0.023)
Emotional support
 Unavailable or inadequate0.15 (0.131)
 Increasing age0.16 (0.005)
  • Psychosocial predictors are presented in order of stepwise selection into the model. An increasing score on each dimension was associated with an increase in the number of FGID syndromes. Each predictor variable was significant at p < 0.05 in the final model.

  • SE, standard error; R2 = 0.21.