Table 3

Epithelial expression of protectin (CD59) in histologically normal controls and inflamed mucosae

No of specimens with different immunostaining scores5-150
0 1+ 2+ 3+ Total
 Normal body24208
 Normal antrum05308
 Inflamed body5-151 019010
 Inflamed antrum5-152 037010
Small intestine
 Normal duodenum36009
 Coeliac disease5-151 05409
 Crohn’s disease5-153 05319
 Crohn’s disease5-152 01809
 Ulcerative colitis5-152 01506
  • 5-150 No detectable staining, 0; specific staining of fewer than half of the cells, 1+; specific staining of more than half of the cells, 2+; and strong continuous staining, 3+.

  • 5-151 Significantly increased staining compared with normal mucosa (p=0.02).

  • 5-152 Staining levels were not significantly increased compared with normal mucosa.

  • 5-153 Comparison with normal tissue not possible.