Table 1

Influence of the fat content of the meal on postprandial oesophageal acid exposure

Becker et al4 Iwakiri et al5 Penagini et al
Subjects10 N + 10 GORD20 N13 N + 14 GORD
MealsSolid (2.47 MJ)Liquid (2.09 MJ)Solid/liquid (3.18 MJ)
High fat (61%) v low fat (16%)High fat (70%) v balanced (25% fat)High fat (52%)v balanced (24% fat)
Normal subjectsIncreased upright acid exposureIncreased recumbent acid exposureNS in both sitting and recumbent positions
GORDNSNot testedNS in both sitting and recumbent positions
  • N, asymptomatic healthy subjects; GORD, patients with erosive oesophagitis or abnormal acid exposure, or both, on 24 hour pH monitoring.