Table 1

Sociodemographic and clinical characteristics by subject group

Group I (n=39) Group II (n=22) Group III (n=36)
Sex (M/F)17/2210/1215/21
Age (y)
Ethnicity (%)
 Below secondary14712
 Above secondary1079
Marital status
Duration of pain (months)1-151
 Mean (95% CI)27.0 (19.7–34.3)14.7 (7.2–22.3)8.2 (6.7–9.7)
Manometric findings
 Non-specific abnormalities65
 Nutcracker oesophagus10
 Diffuse oesophageal spasm01
  • 1-150 p<0.05 group I v group II.

  • 1-151 p<0.0005 group I v group III and p<0.05 group I v group II.