Table 2

Outcome in the nine heavy drinkers after transplantation

Patient age/sex Employed Follow up (months) Current status
40/MNo26Frequent non-attendance. Died after 26 months (heart failure, pneumonia and alcoholic liver injury)
46/MYes56Alcohol 200–300 g/week. Pancreatitis
54/MNo18Alcohol 500 g/week. Required inpatient detoxification. Recent divorce
47/FNo24Alcohol 280 g/week
42/MNo24Frequent non-attendance. Required inpatient detoxification
48/MNo 8Alcohol 400 g/week. Admissions with non-specific abdominal pain; depression
40/MYes33Alcohol 300 g/week
67/MRetired27Alcohol >300 g/week
46/MYes33Alcohol 30–35 g/week