Table 4

Linkage disequilibrium between HFE and HLA class I and II alleles

Haplotype Haplotype count Haplotype frequency χ2 χ2p Δs r
  • Haplotype counts were obtained by counting the number of controls positive for both alleles on a haplotype. Haplotype frequencies were calculated by dividing the number of counted haplotypes by the total number of chromosomes studied (660). Haplotypes are listed as combinations of 282Y or 63D with class I or II alleles for convenience; however, data are identical for haplotypes listed as 63–282–class I/II combinations. This is because 282Y is only found with 63H and 63D with 282C—for example, the 282Y–A*03 date are identical to 63H–282Y–A*03 data. 63H and 282C are not in linkage disequilibrium with class I or II alleles because of the high frequencies of these alleles.

  • Δs, Δ standardised; r, correlation coefficient (for deviation, see text).