Table 2

Factor loadings and eigenvalues in the factor analysis groupings

Factor (item listed below factor) Loading Eigenvalue/% variance
Dyspepsia 14.0/31.2
 Upper abdominal pain0.8
 Abdominal pain0.6
 Relief with antacids0.7
 Epigastric pain0.7
 Relief with belching0.7
 Pain after meals0.7
 Pain severity0.6
 Pain frequency0.6
 Pain aggravated by food0.6
 Pain for more than 3 months0.6
 Periodic pain0.6
 Night pain0.5
 Acid regurgitation0.5
Irritable bowel 2.7/5.9
 Looser bowel movements with pain  0.8
 More frequent bowel movements with pain0.8
 Pain relief with defecation0.7
 Lower abdominal pain0.7
Chronic painless constipation1.7/3.7
 Less than 3 stools/week0.7
 Lumpy or hard stools0.7
 Feelings of incomplete evacuation0.6
Chronic painless diarrhoea1.2/2.7
 More than 3 stools/day0.8
 Very loose, watery stools0.6
 Abdominal bloating0.8
 Visible distension0.7
 Lower abdominal bloating0.7
 Upper abdominal bloating0.6
 Food stays in stomach0.6
 Early satiety0.4
Lifetime functional bowel disorder3.0/6.7
 Lifetime pain0.9
 Onset pain0.9
 Pain for 3 months or more0.7
 Bowel disturbance0.7
 Upper abdominal pain0.7
 Lower abdominal pain0.6
Painful constipation1.3/2.8
 Less bowel movements with pain0.8
 Harder bowel movements with pain0.8
Rectal mucus0.61.1/2.5
Meal related pain1.1/2.5
 Pain relieved by food0.8
 Pain before meals0.6