Table 1

Crypt depth (μm) to villous height (μm) ratios, and individual measurements—stasis in villous tips

Control villus Test villus
1Crypt depth20.317.3
Villous height46.924.7
2Crypt depth17.319.8
Villous height74.149.4
Ratio 0.230.47
3Crypt depth 14.819.7
Villous height32.214.8
4Crypt depth27.855.1
Villous height55.145.6
  • The measurements were made from perfusion fixed villi exposed to luminal (100 μg/ml) and an intravenous bolus dose of indomethacin estimated to produce a plasma concentration of 100 μg/ml where blood stasis was observed in the villous tips.