Table 1

Clinical characteristics of patients used in figures 1 and 2

No Diagnosis Sex M/F Age (years) Duration of disease (year)* CDAI CAI Endoscopic activity n/m/md/s1-151 Biopsy location c/a/t/d/s/r1-152 Mesalazine treatment yes/no Involvement (ileal/ileocolonic/colonic/left-sided) diagnosis (DSC only)
25DSCF262 weeksNAmdsNoSalmonellosis
26DSCM313 daysNAmdsNoYersiniosis
27DSCF272 daysNAssNoUnclear inflammation adjacent to colonic carcinoma
30DSCM274 daysNAmdsNoViral enterocolitis
  • *Range (minimum–maximum).

  • 1-151 n, none; m, mild; md, moderate; s, severe, according to endoscopist’s assessment of the biopsy site.

  • 1-152 c, caecum; a, ascending colon; t, transverse colon; d, descending colon; s, sigmoid; r, rectum. Biopsy samples were always taken from the area showing the highest degree of inflammatory activity. Necrotic areas were not sampled.

  • NA, not applicable; CD, Crohn’s disease; UC, ulcerative colitis; DSC, disease specificity control; CDAI, Crohn’s disease activity index40; CAI, colitis activity index.41