Table 1

Influence of CRH on patterns of gastrointestinal motility, abdominal symptoms, and duodenal pH

Controls (n=10) Patients with IBS (n=10) p Value
Latency of evoked motility (min)
 Colon 3.0 (0.6)2.8 (0.8)NS
 Duodenum3.1 (0.5)3.0 (0.9)
Occurrence of phase III during first 15 min of
 Baseline (n)21NS
 CRH81-150 81-150 NS
Clustered contractions or other dysmotility after CRH (n)041-153 0.05
Abdominal pain or discomfort during
 Baseline (n)00NS
 CRH (n)26NS
Duration of abdominal pain or discomfort (min)1.3 (1.0)20.8 (11.5)0.05
Area below pH 7.0
 Baseline (n)−0.84 (0.17)−0.85 (0.13)NS
 CRH (n)−0.95 (0.24)−0.68 (0.12)NS
  • Data are presented as mean (SE) or number of cases (n).

  • 1-150 p<0.05 significant variation by McNemar’s test; p<0.05 significant difference by Fisher’s exact test; p<0.05 significant difference by the Mann-Whitney U test.

  • 1-153 Three cases with clustered contractions and a case with retrograde phase III-like contractions.