Table 1

Patient data

Patient no Age (y) Sex Histology Endoscopic classification Tumour size (cm) EUS Resmission Follow up (months) Comments
177MT1/G2* I2.5uT1CR30
288MT1/G2* IIb2.0uT1PR24No further treatment
376FT1/G1* I2.5uT1CR18Local recurrence
482FT1/G1* IIc2.5uT1CR18
560MT1/G1* IIc0.7uT1CR16
674FT1/G3* IIa1.5uT1CR14
784MT1/G2* IIa3.0uT1CR13
887MTis/G1* I1.2uT1CR12
984FT1/G2* IIc1.8uT1CR24
1056MT1/G2* IIb1.2uT1CR5
1160MT1/G2* IIa3.2uT1PR7Patient died postoperatively
1289MT1/G2* IIa+IIc4.0uT1CR12
1375MT1/G2* IIa2.8uT1CR10
1472MT1/G2* IIa2.6uT1CR10
1582FT1/G1* IIa1.5uT1CR9
1676FT1/G2* IIa1.7uT1CR3
1771MT1/G3 IIa2.5uT1PR8No further treatment
1881MT1/G3 IIb2.0NPR6Gastrectomy
1956MT1/G3 IIc1.5uT1PR6Gastrectomy
2080MT1/G3 IIa1.2uT1CR20
2170MT1/G3 IIc1.8uT1CR8Patient died of kidney failure
2270FT1/G3 IIa1.4uT1CR3
  • G1, well differentiated; G2, moderately differentiated; G3, undifferentiated. *Intestinal type according to Laurén; diffuse type according to Laurén. I, protruded type; IIa, elevated type; IIb, flat type; IIc, depressed type. N, normal EUS; uT1, endosonographic tumour stage uT1N0M0. EUS, endoscopic ultrasound; CR, complete remission; PR, partial remission.