Table 2

Histological and colonoscopic diagnosis, and E-selectin imaging

Patient number E-selectin scan (disease extent) Colonoscopic distribution Histology WBC count
1PancolitisPancolitisActive UC17
2Descending + sigmoid colonDescending + sigmoid colonActive UC13.4
3Transverse, descending + sigmoid colonTransverse, descending + sigmoid colonActive UC11.9
4RectumRectumModerately active UC11.2
5NilNilInactive 8.4
6Ileum (3 lesions) + caecumTerminal ileum + caecumActive CD17.2
7Ileum (5 lesions) + caecumTerminal ileum + caecumActive CD14.6
8IleumCould not reach11.1
  • UC, ulcerative colitis; CD, Crohn’s disease; WBC, white blood cell.