Table 1

Patient characteristics, presenting symptoms and history of reflux symptoms

Non-surveillance (n=54) Surveillance (n=16) p Value1-150
Mean (range) age (y)65  (44-83)64  (50-75)NS
M:F ratio44:1012:4NS
Dominant symptom at time of cancer diagnosis
Dysphagia37 (69%)3 (19%)<0.05
Retrosternal pain9 (17%)2 (12%)NS
Bleeding4 (7%)0 (0%)NS
Other4 (7%)1 (6%)NS
No symptoms0 (0%)10 (63%)<0.0001
History of reflux29 (54%)14 (88%)<0.05
  • 1-150 Mann-Whitney U test, χ2 test or Fisher’s exact test when appropriate.

  • NS, not significant.