Table 1

Time of peak bovine IgG recovery from ileal fluid following administration of oral bovine immunoglobulin concentrate-C difficile

Subject Alone Antacid Omeprazole Capsules
160 min (1632 mg)90 min (963 mg)90 min (901 mg)360 min (118 mg)
260 min (1558 mg)60 min (811 mg)60 min (1396 mg)300 min (57 mg)
3150 min (611 mg)150 min (677 mg)210 min (1275 mg)360 min (244 mg)
4150 min (596 mg)180 min (195 mg)150 min (622 mg)240 min (26 mg)
5150 min (767 mg)120 min (534 mg)180 min (1067 mg)(0 mg)
  • The collection time point at which ileal fluid contained the greatest amount of bovine IgG is shown for each subject and each study arm. The total amounts of free bovine IgG recovered during each six hour collection period are also shown (in parentheses).