Table 2

Predictive factors of ulcerative colitis (UC) course after orthotopic liver transplantion (OLT) for primary sclerosing colangitis (PSC) compared with the UC course during the period up to five years before transplantation

UC activity after OLT
Patient characteristicsSame–QuiescentWorse–Activep Value
Sex (M/F) 4/47/10.28
Age (years) at OLT42 (12)30 (11)0.11
Age (years) at UC diagnosis 31 (12)22 (6)0.11
Median (range) duration of UC (months)86 (3-480)85 (2-250)0.64
Median (range) duration of PSC (months) 47 (12-360)60 (3-164)0.94
Pretransplant UC course (n)0.08
Immunosuppression (n)0.64
  • 3-150 One patient was on tacrolimus.