Table 2

Intragastric distribution of the solid and liquid test meals

Proximal stomach Distal stomach
Solid meal
 Scintigraphy78.6 (4.8)3-150 21.4 (1.7)3-150
 MRI90.5 (3.1)3-150 9.5 (1.1)3-150
Liquid meal
 Scintigraphy91.2 (0.8) 8.8 (0.8)
 MRI94.9 (3.6)5.1 (1.3)
  • Results are expressed as mean (SEM).

  • For scintigraphic data, percentages of the radioactive counts in the whole stomach are shown. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data are percentages of the volume of the total gastric contents.

  • 3-150 Significantly different from the respective liquid meal data;significantly different from the respective MRI data, p<0.05.