Table 3

Comparison of bFGF concentrations and bFGF histology score in patients with gastric ulcer and non-ulcer controls

Ulcer Non-ulcer
No of subjects108
bFGF (pg/mg)9.6 (2.8–16.4)257.1 (139.8–374.4)
Total bFGF histology score7.5 (3.5–10)5-150 3 (2.25–4)
Reactive gastritis score4.5 (3.5–6)5-151 1 (0.25–2)
  • bFGF concentrations are expressed as the geometric mean (95% confidence interval). bFGF histology scores and reactive gastritis scores are expressed as the median value (interquartile range).

  • 5-150 p=0.03 compared with non-ulcer controls.

  • 5-151 p<0.01 compared with non-ulcer controls.