Table 1

Adenovirus mediated gene transfer efficiency and growth inhibitory effect of AdCAp53 on human gastric cancer cell lines

Cell linep53 statusβ-galED50AdCAlacZED50 AdCAp53
MKN1143 Val to Ala92 (7)>3002.5 (0.2)
MKN7278 Pro to Ser91 (4)>30010.7 (3.5)
MKN28251 Ile to Leu92 (5)>30099.0 (24)
TMK-1173 Val to Met90 (2)>30090.0 (17)
MKN45Wild type95 (3)>300>300
  • Results are expressed as mean (SD) from three independent experiments.

  • p53 status was detected by DNA sequencing.22 β-gal is the percentage of X-gal positive cells 24 hours after AdCAlacZ infection at a multiplicity of infection (moi) of 30. ED50, moi required for a 50% reduction in viability of untreated cells.