Table 1

Studies included in the meta-analysis, number of subjects, and ethnic background

No First author Year UC CD Controls Population
1Peña48 19806548Dutch
2Asakura18 19824051Japanese
3Smolen31 1982302725Middle European
4McConnell23 198331149British
5Caruso12 198328132Sicilian
6Fujita8 198427231Japanese
7Cottone34 198546169British
8Caruso19 198541151Sicilian
9Kobayashi16 19903054Japanese
10Kobayashi10 19902654Japanese
11Purrmann14 1990296300German, white
12Matake9 1992149136Japanese
13Zetterquist37 19928965250Swedish, white
14Toyoda6 1993267477American
15Sugimura17 19933799Japanese
16Wassmuth24 199310985Swedish
17Mehal32 19944264British, white
18Futami30 199559150Japanese
19Leidenius21 199577106Finnish
20Duerr33 199597149North American, Jewish/non-Jewish
21Nakajima25 199590336Japanese
22Danze7 1996344488French, white
23Satsangi22 1996175173472British, white
24Forcione13 199640421-150 93North American, white
25Reinshagen11 19961624251German, white
26De la Concha20 1997107200Spanish, white
27Bouma15 199759892400Dutch, white
28Cariappa26 19985893North American, white
29Stokkers7069420Dutch, white
  • 1-150 Not used because the data on Crohn’s disease (CD) are included in study 28.

  • UC, ulcerative colitis.