Table 2

κ values for the assessments of minimal changes in the distal oesophagus and the gastro-oesophageal junction

Endoscopic featuresκ value
Excessive reddening of the cardia0.09(0.00–0.29)
Erythema of the squamocolumnar junction0(−0.08–0.06)
Friability of the squamocolumnar junction0.04(0.00–0.25)
Blurring of the squamocolumnar junction0.08(0.00–0.22)
Diffuse erythema of the distal oesophagus0.08(0.00–0.28)
Patchy erythema of the distal oesophagus0.00(−0.07–0.09)
Increased vascularity of the distal oesophagus0.00(0.00–0.09)
Oedema or accentuation of the mucosal folds0.00(−0.02–0.15)
  • Median κ values are given, as well as the first and third quartile.