Table 4

Risk factors for reflux oesophagitis

Risk factorOdds ratio95% confidence intervalWald’s χ2p Value
Outcome: oesophagitis and Barrett’s oesophagus
Age (per decade)1.22(1.01–1.48)4.2970.0382
Sex (male versus female)2.10(1.19–3.73)6.4660.0110
Smoking status1.94(1.06–3.56)4.5860.0322
Chronic corpus gastritis0.46(0.27–0.79)7.9250.0049
Outcome: erosive oesophagitis alone
Age (per decade)1.27(1.03–1.56)5.0220.0250
Sex (male versus female)2.03(1.07–3.84)4.7020.0301
Smoking status1.50(0.77–2.94)1.4270.2323
Chronic corpus gastritis0.34(0.19–0.61)12.8030.0003
  • Odds ratios and their significance were calculated by multiple logistic regression analysis, using as outcome variable all types of reflux disease or erosive oesophagitis alone.