Table 1

Impact scores and factor loadings of the items from the item reduction step

CLDQ itemsProportion
with problem
ImportanceImpact Factor
Factor 1
Decreased strength0.693.952.730.69
Decreased level of energy0.814.043.270.79
Lack of energy0.594.242.500.75
Feeling weak0.633.882.440.83
Feeling worn out0.703.892.720.79
Feeling sleepy during the day0.803.552.840.53
Tired in the morning when you wake up 0.594.032.380.57
Tired in the afternoon0.773.372.590.58
Problem carrying heavy objects0.553.491.920.55
Factor 2
Feeling depressed0.564.002.240.51
Mood swings0.524.092.130.51
Difficulty sleeping at night0.613.772.300.71
Unable to fall asleep at night0.583.732.160.69
The need to get up at night to urinate 0.632.981.880.40
Not feeling rested in the morning0.673.842.570.61
Factor 3
Worried about the impact your disease has on your family0.643.902.500.74
Worried your symptoms will develop into a major problem0.734.022.930.79
Worried never feeling any better0.524.362.270.60
Worried condition getting worse0.834.083.390.81
Factor 4
Feeling bloated0.663.482.300.80
Abdominal discomfort0.553.431.890.66
Abdominal bloating0.583.812.210.83
Muscle cramps at night0.563.582.000.47
Factor 5
Trouble lifting heavy objects0.533.591.900.51
Change in eating habits0.563.441.930.76
Not able to eat as much as before0.562.811.570.58
Napping during the day0.613.231.970.56
Factor 6
Shortness of breath0.533.882.060.49
Dry mouth0.613.332.030.52
Worried about the availability of a liver if you need a transplant0.554.602.530.64
  • Proportion of variance explained: factor 1, 0.224; factor 2, 0.122; factor 3, 0.110; factor 4, 0.099; factor 5, 0.098; factor 6, 0.056.