Table 2

Changes in pressure, length, and position of the gastro-oesophageal junction (GOJ) high pressure zone (HPZ) caused by abdominal compression

Normal subjectsHiatus hernia
HPZ 1 (proximal)HPZ 2 (hiatal)
Intragastric pressure change (mm Hg)7 (2.0)6 (2.1)
Increase in maximal GOJ pressure (mm Hg)13 (1.2)4 (0.4)3-150 13 (1.5)
Length change of high pressure zone (cm)−0.1 (0.1)−0.2 (0.1)0
Movement of locus of maximal pressure (cm)0.5 (0.1)0.6 (0.1)0.4 (0.1)
  • Changes in patients with hiatus hernia were measured both within the proximal high pressure zone (HPZ 1) and the hiatal canal (HPZ 2). All values are mean (SEM).

  • 3-150 p<0.05 versus normal.