Table 1

Kinetic parameters of β lactam antibiotic uptake

Referenceβ lactam (species)Km(mM)Vmax
This studyPenicillin G (human)13.9521-150
Poschet and colleagues21 Penicillin G (rabbit)21.7581-150
Inui and colleagues14 Cefixime (rat)0.8 6.21-151
Yuasa and colleagues18 Cephradine (rat)1.6 1.71-151
Cephradine (rabbit)1.920.71-151
Okano and colleagues42 Cephradine (rat)9.4 5.71-151
Tsuji and colleagues12 Cefixime (rat)0.83 2.671-150
Ceftibuten (rat)0.17 4.721-151
Muranushi and colleagues43 Cefaclor (rat)3.0 0.161-151
  • 1-150 Vmax = nmol/mg protein/30 seconds.

  • 1-151 Vmax = nmol/mg protein/60 seconds.