Table 1

Dimensions and function of the left heart in 17 patients before and nine hours after insertion of a transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic stent shunt (TIPS)

Variables measuredNormal rangeBefore TIPSNine hours after TIPSSignificance
HR (beats/min)70 (8)80.1 (14.6)82.2 (16.1)NS
LA (mm)33 (4.7)41.7 (4.6)44.3 (4.4)p<0.01
LVEDV (ml)127 (18)153.7 (29.7)164.6 (31.9)p<0.01
LVESV (ml)50 (10)54.1 (17.2)52.9 (16.5)NS
COE(l/min)5.4 (1)7.89 (1.70)9.14 (2.21)p<0.01
SVE (ml)76 (13)99.6 (20.7)111.7 (21.7)p<0.01
LVEF (%)59 (6)65.2 (8.1)68.3 (7.9)p<0.01
  • Values are expressed as mean (SD).

  • HR, heart rate; LA, left atrial diameter; LVEDV, end diastolic left ventricular volume; LVESV, end systolic left ventricular volume; COE, cardiac output; SVE, stroke volume; LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction.