Table 3

Haemodynamics in the splanchnic and systemic circulation before and nine hours after insertion of a transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic stent shunt (TIPS) in a subgroup of nine patients with portal hypertension

Variables measuredBefore TIPSNine hours after TIPSChange
Portoatrial pressure gradient (mm Hg)20.4 (4.0)11.7 (3.2)* 8.8 (2.7)
Portal vein blood flow velocity (cm/s)20.8 (6.5)47.5 (10.6)* 26.9 (4.5)
Portal vein blood flow (l/min)1.1 (0.51)2.5 (0.64)* 1.4 (0.53)
Portohepatic vascular resistance (dyn·s·cm−5)1887 (540)525 (175)* 1370 (357)
  • Values are expressed as mean (SD). *p<0.01v before TIPS.

  • Portal vein blood flow was calculated from the portal vein blood flow velocity and the portal vein diameter (mean (SD) 1.46 (0.24) cm).