Table 1

Median age at onset of symptoms and diagnosis in parents and children with inflammatory bowel disease

Families with CD only (n=50)Families with UC only (n=51)Mixed disease families (n=36)All
families (n=137)
Age at onset of symptoms (y)
 Parents31.51-150 401-150 37.51-150 38
Age at diagnosis (y)
 Parents391-150 411-150 401-150 41
Predicted age at diagnosis (y)
 Parents47.51-150 461-150 461-150 47
Time interval between onset of symptoms and diagnosis (y)
  • The predicted age of diagnosis was calculated using data obtained from the control group of patients with non-familial disease (see text for details).

  • 1-150 Difference between parents and children, p<0.001.

  • CD, Crohn’s disease; UC, ulcerative colitis.