Table 2

Effect of the cAMP antagonist, 2′-O-methyl adenosine (MA) and of the iNOS selective inhibitor, 1400W on cell toxicity provoked by 8Br-cAMP in cells exposed for 24 hours to cytomix (CM)

Cell treatmentMTT assay (% of control)
CM + 8Br-cAMP 1 mM74.8 (4.8)
CM + 8Br-cAMP 1 mM + MA (5 mM)77.5 (7.5)
CM + 8Br-cAMP 1 mM + 1400W (100 μM)77.4 (8.6)
  • Results expressed as mean (SEM) from at least three different experiments. There was no statistically significant difference (Student’s t test) between the three treatments.