Table 2

Parameters of severity of the disease and serum amylase and lipase levels (divided into group A (⩽3n) and group B (>3n)) in 284 patients with a first attack of acute pancreatitis obtained on admission to hospital

ParametersSerum amylase levelsp Value3-150 Serum lipase levelsp Value3-150
Group A: ⩽3n (n=88)Group B: >3n (n=196)Group A: ⩽3n (n=51)Group B: >3n (n=233)
Renal impairment2123.75930.10.32,  NS1529.46527.90.86,  NS
Dialysis22.331.50.65, NS11.941.71.00, NS
Artificial ventilation55.7147.10.80, NS35.9166.91.00, NS
Pseudocysts1011.42412.21.00, NS47.83012.90.47, NS
Surgical treatment1112.5147.10.17, NS611.8198.20.42, NS
Mortality44.573.60.74, NS35.983.40.42, NS
  • 3-150 Fisher’s exact test.