Table 6

Essential amino acid composition of feeds used

Max RNI 55.5 g/day × preschool child1055366332191887611194301055
Max RNI 55.5 g/day × adult88810558885002787220888
Max RNI 55.5 g/day × revised recommendation2109360838851943555222000
Eloamin + Gln (14)223140164144121128692678956395351003825
Eloamin + Gln (11)15752835292585520251890675279036002700
Vamin 14/183383475854793383475833831128443467724111
Intrafusin 22154725716841244118492441949212463181581
  • Comparison of the indispensible amino acid constituents (mg) of 11 g N of Synthamin, Vamin 14/18, Intrafusin 22, and Eloamin with the amino acid constituents of the reference nutrient intake (RNI) for protein of a male aged 19–50 years (55.5 g/day) when the protein conformed to three FAO/WHO patterns: that recommended for a preschool (growing) child; that recommended for an adult; and the 1991 revised recommendations for an adult. Further comparison is made with the Eloamin/glutamine mixture when presented as an 11 g N or 14 g N feed. The Eloamin/glutamine mixtures both contain 20 000 mg glutamine; the other parenteral amino acid mixtures contain no glutamine.