Table 1

Individual patient characteristics

PatientDuration of UCPreadmission 5-ASA?Preadmission steroids?Duration of steroids before blood taken1-150Response to treatment
1NewNoNo<24 hoursCR
29 yearsYesNo<24 hoursIR
35 monthsYesNo<24 hoursTF
46 yearsNoPrednisolone 5 mg daily<48 hoursIR
5NewNoNoBefore steroidsTF
6NewNoNo<24 hoursCR
71 monthNoColifoam enema only<24 hoursCR
8NewNoNo<24 hoursCR
93 yearsNoNoBefore steroidsIR
1017 yearsYesColifoam enema only<48 hoursCR
1119 yearsYesPrednisolone 10 mg daily<24 hoursCR
127 monthsNoNo<48 hoursIR
1310 yearsNoPrednisolone 30 mg daily<24 hoursCR
149 monthsYesNo<24 hoursCR
15NewNoNo<48 hoursCR
16NewNoNoBefore steroidsIR
179 yearsNoNo<48 hoursCR
184 yearsYesNoBefore steroidsCR
  • 1-150 Refers to the duration of high dose intravenous hydrocortisone given before blood was taken for PBMC separation and measurement of serum cortisol.

  • 5-ASA, 5-aminosalicylic acid; UC, ulcerative colitis; CR, complete responder; IR, incomplete responder; TF, treatment failure.