Table 1

Causes of aspartate aminotransferase greater than 400 U/l, showing diagnostic groups with subdivisions of these groups and the number of patients in each

Diagnostic groups (n)Hepatic ischaemia (68)Pancreatobiliary (33)Hepatocellular (23)Malignancy/other (6)Unknown (7)
Subdivision of causes (n)Sepsis (32)Cholangitis (13)Paracetamol (9)Liver secondaries (4)
CCF (17)Pancreatitis (9)AIH (4)Hepatoma (1)
Hypoxia (11)CBD stone (5)Ecstasy (3)Hepatic haematoma (1)
Hypotension (8)Pancreatic cancer (4)Hepatitis B (3)
Blocked stent (1)EBV (2)
Lymphoma (1)Alcohol (2)
  • CCF, congestive cardiac failure; CBD, common bile duct; AIH, autoimmune hepatitis; EBV, Epstein-Barr virus.