Table 3

Relation of plasma homocysteine (tHcy) with plasma folate (PF), red cell folate (RCF), and vitamin B12 in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and controls

TTp ValueCTp ValueCCp Value
Patients with IBD
PF r=−0.470.01 r=−0.380.001 r=−0.470.001
RCF r=−0.410.03 r=0.150.20 r=−0.130.30
Vitamin B12 r=0.020.90 r=0.120.30 r=−0.140.27
PF r=−0.210.62 r=−0.470.02 r=−0.200.10
RCF r=−0.500.20 r=−0.090.70 r=−0.100.70
Vitamin B12 r=−0.500.26 r=−0.020.51 r=−0.250.37