Table 2

Course and outcome of patients who underwent transplantation (patients 1–8 from table 1)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
PathologyIncreased AChE+ fibres in SB mucosaAtrophy and vaculoations of muscleAChE+ fibres in SB mucosaNo pathological changesNo pathological changesNeuronal dysplasiaNo ganglia, antiganglia antibodiesHypertrophic AChE+ fibres
Age at transplant11 y4.5 y11 y5 y23 m4.5 y18 y11 y
Organs receivedStomach, SB, liverStomach, SB, liver, colonStomach, SB, liverStomach, SB, liverStomach, SB, liverSBStomach, SB, liverStomach, SB, liver
Cold ischaemia time (h)9.686.310.
Follow up4.5 y5 y5 y7 m2 m1 y2.5 y2 y
Postoperative problemsBezoarBezoar, urinary tract infectionNarcotic withdrawal, pancreatitis, MBPExfoliative rejectionUrinary tract infection, rejectionAchalasia, narcotic withdrawalDumping syndrome
OutcomeAliveAliveDied 4 y after TXDied 7 m after TXDied 2 m after TXAliveAliveAlive
OstomiesNoG tube, ileostomyG tube, ileostomyG tube, ileostomyG tube, J tube, ileostomyNoJ tube, ileostomyJ tube, ileostomy
NutritionEatingEatingEating/partial enteral feedsOff TPN until rejectionEnteral feeds at deathEatingEating, J tube for fluid replacementEating, J tube for fluid replacement
  • AChE, acetylcholinesterase; SB, small bowel; TX, transplant; MBP, Munchausen syndrome by proxy.