Table 2

Baseline characteristics in patients with alcoholic cirrhosis and hepatitis C virus (HCV) related cirrhosis with or without alcohol intake, and predictive value of death (log rank test)

VariableAlcoholic cirrhosis (n = 71)HCV cirrhosis (n = 121)Alcoholic + HCV cirrhosis (n = 37)
TotalDiedp ValueTotalDiedp ValueTotalDiedp Value
Age (years)0.020.820.18
Child-Pugh class0.0010.0020.008
 B and C423115975
Oesophageal varices0.040.600.62
 None or small3920117323011
 Large (II/III)32254374
Prothrombin activity (%)0.420.00010.05
Bilirubin (μmol/l)
Albumin (g/l)0.030.0010.61
Hepatic iron score0.0070.710.98