Table 1

Prevalence of haemochromatosis in screening studies using genotyping and phenotyping

YearPopulation sampleNumber screenedLocationInitial testLiver biopsyPrevalence of C282Y homozygotesIron Overload1-150 Reference
1998Electoral roll1064Christchurch, New ZealandTS%, C282YYes1 in 21360%Burt and colleagues2
1999 Primary care (HMO)1653Missouri, USATS%, C282YYes1 in 27650%McDonnell and colleagues5
1999Blood donors 5211London, CanadaUIBC, C282YYes1 in 32719%Adams and colleagues4
1999Epidemiology survey3011Busselton, AustraliaTS%, C282YYes1 in 18875%Olynyk and colleagues3
  • 1-150 Iron overload is defined as the percentage of C282Y homozygotes with an elevated serum ferritin.

  • TS, transferrin saturation; UIBC, unbound iron binding capacity.