Table 2

The spectrum of dyspepsia symptoms and recommended definitions

Pain centered in the upper abdomenPain refers to a subjective, unpleasant sensation; some patients may feel that tissue damage is occurring. Other symptoms may be extremely bothersome without being interpreted by the patient as pain. By questioning the patient, pain should be distinguished from discomfort.
Discomfort centered in the upper abdomenA subjective, unpleasant sensation or feeling that is not interpreted as pain according to the patient and which, if fully assessed, can include any of the symptoms below.
Early satietyA feeling that the stomach is overfilled soon after starting to eat, out of proportion to the size of the meal being eaten, so that the meal cannot be finished.
FullnessAn unpleasant sensation like the persistence of food in the stomach; this may or may not occur postprandially (slow digestion).
Bloating in the upper abdomenA tightness located in the upper abdomen; it should be distinguished from visible abdominal distension
NauseaQueasiness or sick sensation; a feeling of the need to vomit