Table 5

Findings in proximal colon (caecum to and including the descending colon) in subjects in whom the caecum was intubated in the following categories according to findings in the rectosigmoid colon: those with their largest adenoma less than 5 mm, those with their largest adenoma 5–9 mm, those with the largest adenoma >9 mm, those with no adenoma, those with no polyp of any kind and those with polyps of any kind

Findings in rectosigmoid colonAdenoma in the proximal colonHigh risk adenoma5-150 in the proximal colonSignificant finding5-151 in the proximal colon
No polyp (n=77)20 (26)5 (6)9 (11)
No adenoma (n=146)36 (25)8 (5)11 (8)
Adenoma <5 mm (n=19)6 (32)0 2 (11)
Adenoma 5–9 mm (n=17)8 (47)2 (12)4 (24)
Adenoma ⩾10 mm (n=11)5 (45) 1 (9)1 (9)
Adenoma any size (n=47)19 (40)3 (6)7 (15)
Polyp of any kind (n=116)35 (30)8 (7)13 (11)
  • Values represent subjects (%).

  • 5-150 Adenoma ⩾10 mm in diameter and/or villous components and/or severe dysplasia.

  • 5-151 High risk adenoma and/or three or more adenomas of any size, grade of dysplasia, or with or without villous components.