Table 2

Patients with adenocarcinoma of the stomach not detected at the index gastroscopy

Endoscopy result Age Sex Treatment Duration of treatment Delay to diagnosis
Gastric erosion58MPPI4–8 weeks2 months
Oesophagitis85FPPI12–24 weeks2 months
Duodenal ulcer81FPPI12–24 weeks3 months
Duodenal ulcer62MPPI24–52 weeks24 months
Gastric ulcer92FPPI24–52 weeks5 months
Gastric ulcer97MPPI4–8 weeks4 months
Gastric ulcer63FPPI4–8 weeks6 months
Gastric ulcer43MPPI4–8 weeks3 months
Gastric ulcer86FPPI3 years2 years
Gastric ulcer38FPPI2 years4 years
Gastric ulcer68FH2RA4–8 weeks2 years
Gastric ulcer81MPPI12–24 weeks5 months
Gastric ulcer71MPPI5 years3 years
Gastric ulcer75MPPI24–52 weeks4 years
Hiatus hernia74FPPI5 years6 months
Hiatus hernia74FPPI3 years2 years
Normal79MPPI24–52 weeks4 years
  • Mean age of patients 72.1 years (range 38–97). M:F = 8:9.

  • Suspected malignant ulcers but with “normal” biopsies are not included in the table.

  • PPI, proton pump inhibitor; H2RA, H2 receptor antagonist.