Table 3

Concentrations and flow rates of total short chain fatty acids (SCFA) and butyrate in distal colon

Control diet
RS diet
NSP diet
RS+NSP diet
Concentration (mM)
 Total SCFA95 (9)111 (6)116 (31)146
 Butyrate13.2 (1.2)14.4 (1.0)12.4 (2.8)18.5
Flow rate (mmol/day)
 Total SCFA50 (6)65 (5)102 (19)140
 Butyrate6.8 (0.8)8.5 (0.6)11.0 (1.7)17.7
  • Results expressed as mean (SEM). No significant differences across groups were observed.

  • 3-150 Average of triplicate analysis of one sample only (other samples lost due to technical error).

  • RS, resistant starch; NSP, non-starch polysaccharide.